II). Identification of hidden glyco- antigens in Fasciola hepatica

The research on glycoproteins (GPs), being a major constitute of organs and organ systems, is highly untouched and mostly ignored. Such GPs from the parasite F. hepatica could serve as ‘hidden’ antigens. Hidden antigens are not initially exposed to the host’s immune-system during the course of natural infections, but have proven to be effective vaccine candidates, notably for antigens that are expressed in the intestine of blood-feeding parasites. Here, we purified GPs from flukes by different lectins with known unspecific binding to the parasite gut (amongst other parasite tissues) and produced murine monoclonal antibodies for specific antigen purification. We identified various antibodies by immunohistochemistry, which are binding specifically to the gut of F. hepatica. We started to evaluate the in vitro protective capacity of these antibodies. Further, we will profile their protein identity by a proteomic pull-down approach aiming for anthelmintic vaccine design.


Institute members: Sonja G. Rechsteiner (Doctoral candidate), Sina Hasler (Assistant), Ramon M. Eichenberger (Project Leader), Peter Deplazes

Funding sources: IPZ, SNSF Ambizione (#185865)