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Institute of Parasitology

Mission Statement


The Institute of Parasitology at the University of Zurich (IPZ) was founded in 1968 as a dual institute of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Vetsuisse Faculty) and the Faculty of Medicine. The IPZ is a reference centre for echinococcosis, cryptosporidiosis, hypodermosis and animal disease-associated vectors appointed by the Federal Veterinary Office.

An institute working in the service of veterinary and human medicine

Infectious diseases shaped human evolution and are a major threat to global health. They also affect animal health, having a serious impact on global food security and the livelihoods of millions. Hence infectious diseases pose formidable, complex challenges that require interdisciplinary and collaborative research, training and education worldwide. The overall goal of the Institute of Parasitology, University of Zurich is to help tackle global zoonotic infection challenges with a special focus on parasitic diseases.

Our tasks:

Teaching and further education

Representation of the subject of parasitology in veterinary and human medicine. Courses for students of natural sciences. Lectures, courses, seminars, master's and doctoral theses.


Veterinary, medical, epidemiological and cell biological-parasitological research (basic and problem-oriented).


Diagnostic Centre Parasitology (DZP): Parasitological diagnostic services for veterinary and human medicine. Development and evaluation of new tests.